Wednesday 28th september at 21.00, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Mai Huyen Chi, Pedro Roman
Script: Mai Huyen Chi, Pedro Roman
Photography: Ta Minh Duc
Music: Hoang-Tung Nguyen
Starring: Suong, Hanh Ruby, Tran Thi Thanh Truc, Huynh Thi Phuong, Tran Khanh Son
Producer: Le Thanh Hang

Suong moves from the rural village of Lak Dak to Saigon in search of a job. The young girl is alone, with only one address with her, she sleeps on the streets and must survive many difficulties in a chaotic city where she is invisible. She finds a job at a small restaurant alongside two other migrants, while her days and nights are marked by uncertainty and dilemmas regarding her relationship with her family.

Pedro Roman is a movie writer and director. He has made two short films for cinema Him/Her (2014) and The Exam (2019); The Girl from Dak Lak (2022), co-directed with Mai Huyen Chi, is her first fiction feature film.

Filmography: Him/Her (2014, sf), The Exam (2019, sf), Co gai den tu Dak Lak (The Girl from Dak Lak, 2022, co-director)

Mai Huyen Chi (Vietnam, 1984), after graduating from the London Film School, she has made some short films. The Girl form Dak Lak, co-directed with Pedro Roman, is her first fiction feature film. Mai Huyen Chi is currently developing a new project titled The River Knows Our Names.

Filmography: Down the Stream (2015, sf), Autumn Letters (2021, sf), Co gai den tu Dak Lak (2022).