COMBACT TRAUMA BAG (Italia, 2021, 4′)

Saturday 1st october at 15.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Lorenzo Picarazzi
Script: Lorenzo Picarazzi
Photography: Lorenzo Picarazzi
Editing: Lorenzo Picarazzi
Music: AKA, Luca Sguera, Francesco Panconesi, Alessandro Mazzieri, Carmine
Production: Red Lights Video

The video narrates a common day at an engineering factory from the point of view of the plant?s machinery. From the first light of dawn to the time of cleaning, the rhythm of music moves the machines as it pleases, creating a harmony in which background noise gets canceled by the particularity of the music.

Lorenzo Picarazzi (Milan, Italy, 1990) works as a video editor and operator. In 2014, he attended the film and video course at the Brera Academy. Since 2015, his studies include various topics bordering between philosophy and cinema that converge in the field of visual culture. Picarazzi has made various music videos, video documentations, documentaries and short films all throughout Italy.

Filmography: Case to Breathe (2020, music video), Combact Trauma Bag (2021, music video), Alex Levine Special Adaptations (2021, doc)