CRUX (Francia, 2021, 23′)

Saturday 1st october at 15.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Colin Van Der Straeten
Script: Colin Van Der Straeten
Photography: Thomas Wood
Editing: Samuel Grebij
Music: Mathieu Vilbert
Starring: Anthony Falkowsky, Olivier Mathé, Ashille Constantin, Philippe Bilheur, Lisa Gardel
Production: GREC – Groupe de Recherches et d?Essais Cinématographiques

Robin starts his first real job. During lunch break, he finds out that his father has had an accident. He cannot afford a train ticket, but his bank account won’t stop him from seeing his family. Over there, on the other side of the mountain.

Colin Van Der Straeten graduated in Production, Screenwriting and Directing from the Sorbonne in Paris. At age 17, he made his first amateur film, presented at some international festivals and later worked as a photography director for numerous short movies. After directing a few short films with his own resources, Crux is his first professional movie.

Filmography: The Catcher in the Rail (2015, sf), Monsieur James (2016, sf), Crux (2021, sf)