FIAT AT THE PHOTO FINISH (La Fiat al fotofinish, Italy, 1960-1978, 83′)

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A journey between FIAT?s past and the present through the intervention of experts and film sources from the Fiat Historic Center fund, preserved and digitized by the CSC-National Archive of Corporate Cinema. Reflections and images that talk about the venues, production, product ranges but also the corporate welfare and free time of a company that has shaped the history of this country. Presented by Elena Testa (CSC- Ivrea National Archive of Corporate Cinema).

EARTH SEA SKY by Stefano Canzio (Terra, Mare, Cielo, abridged version, Cinefiat, 1957, 17′, 35mm). The quintessential institutional film, Terra mare cielo presents the scope and vastness of Fiat?s industrial production process. From the Turin Auto Show, a fast display of images leads to the vision of Fiat products and the widespread establishment of its installations and factories in Italy and across the world.

F4CB: TAILOR-MADE STEEL by Victor De Sanctis (F4CB: Acciaio su misura, Cinefiat, 1966, 21′, 35mm). The tests, controls and experiments to achieve a specific type of steel. The workers and large workshops are involved to get the best possible quality in steel production. A result that is nothing more than the starting point for future industrial accomplishments.

FIAT: BEYOND WORK by Adriano Di Majo (Oltre il lavoro, Cinefiat, 1972, 24′, 35mm). Parallel to the development of its industrial activities, Fiat has organized an extensive welfare service for its employees:workplace assistance, vocational training, social security for the elderly. This movie reviews what Fiat makes available to its workers and their families, not just regarding social and welfare services but also recreational activities.

ROBOGATE by Renato M. Gamba (1978, 18′, 16mm). From the Fiat 500 to the Fiat 126 and subsequently all other Fiat small vehicles made using Comau robot assembly lines. Robogate is the new highly automated system designed by the company for the assembly of car bodies. Back in 1978, this sophisticated system, which was based mainly on a precise spot welding system for each single piece of a car, was installed in the factory of Rivalta for the production of the Ritmo as well as the one in Cassino.

Films stored and digitized by the CSC-National Archive of Corporate Cinema, courtesy of the Fiat Historic Center.