GAS STATION (Italia, 2020, 10′)

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Director: Olga Torrico
Screenplay: Olga Torrico
Photography: Eleonora Contessi
Editing: Corrado Iuvara
Cast: Olga Torrico, Claudio Collovà, Gabriele Zapparata
Producer: Adam Selo, Olga Torrico
Production: Sayonara Film, Factory Film, Terre di Cinema Association

Alice works at a gas station. She used to be a musician but she no longer plays, thus suffocating the sacred fire that burned within her. When her old music teacher shows up during a hot summer day, Alice begins to wonder if she has been without her fuel for too long.

Olga Torrico (1991) studied in Rome, Paris, Bologna and Valencia, graduating in Foreign Literature and Languages, then specializing in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production. Dal 2014 fa parte del team di distribuzione di cortometraggi Elenfant Distribution. In 2016, together with Adam Selo, she founded the production company Sayonara Film, which produces short films and documentaries.

Filmography: Gas Station (2020, cm).