GIOTTO – GIORDANO BRUSCHI’S PROLETARIAN NINETEEN HUNDREDS (Giotto – Il Novecento proletario di Giordano Bruschi, Italy, 2020, 56′)

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Director: Ugo Roffi
Script: Ugo Roffi, Ludovica Schiaroli
Photography: Ugo Roffi
Editing: Ugo Roffi
Cast: Giordano Bruschi
Producer: Ugo Roffi, Ludovica Schiaroli
Production: Ugo Roffi, Ludovica Schiaroli with the contribution of Coop Liguria, CGIL Genoa, CAP Circolo Autorità Portuale (Harbor Authority Circle)

The workers? movement as told by one of its main figures in Genoa?s context: Giordano Bruschi, born in 1925, worker and partisan. A journey among the archival images and memory sites of a protagonist of one of the greatest claims in the last century who?s also a lucid, straightforward witness of a crucial age for the history of worker rights.

Ugo Roffi and Ludovica Schiaroli are the authors of Giotto – Il Novecento proletario di Giordano Bruschi. He is a videomaker, she is a journalist. Both are native to Genoa and have worked together in documentary projects about relevant figures of Genoese reality such as Don Andrea Gallo and Giovanni Burlando.

Filmography: Il canto del gallo (2012, doc), Giovanni Burlando?s Vision (2015, doc), DigaVox – testimonianze dalla Diga di Begato (2018, doc), Giotto – Il Novecento proletario di Giordano Bruschi (2020, doc).