GOLDEN FISH, AFRICAN FISH (Senegal, 2019, 60′)

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Director: Moussa Diop, Thomas Grand
Script: Thomas Grand, Moussa Diop
Photography: Thomas Grand
Editing: Thomas Grand
Musica: Moussa Diop
Producer: Thomas Grand
Production: ZideoProd in in collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation & Mundus Maris

Casamance, southern Senegal. Facing the growing threat of companies that industrialize the fishing and fish processing system, the fishermen of Kafoutine try to resist by continuing to use traditional methods that have allowed them to supply food to many African countries. The harsh working conditions, health hazards and increasingly precarious conditions: for how long can they go on?

Moussa Diop (Tivaouane, Senegal, 1979), film and photography director, and Thomas Grand (Paris, France, 1976), director and producer, both authors have done two works about the fishing system in Senegal.

Filmography: Diogué, a threatened fishing island (2016, doc), Golden fish, African fish (2019, doc).