INSIDE (Italia, 2019, 13′)

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Director: Kenta Crisà
Screenplay: Diletta Meoni, Matteo Borsato, Emma Bresciani, Roberto Todone
Photography: Luciano Federici
Editing: Giancarlo Zema
Scenography: Gloria Bolchini
Music: Nicolò Zilocchi, Amedeo Fresia
Cast: Antonio Careddu, Valeria De Michele, Simone Mandalà, Silvia Mastrandrea, Polina Kochelenko
Producer: Matilde Capello, Stefano Demarie, Rossella Donderi
Production: Bear in Glasses, Robin, Politecnico di Torino

Well-known influencer Pietro Devero is invited as a guest to a television program in order to tell the true story of the scam done against his followers. Exotic travels, exclusive events, V.I.P. friends, his whole life was only a simulation. The show presenter will force Pietro to reveal on live TV the motives of his actions.

Kenta Crisà (Patti, Italy, 1991) studied Cinema Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. He wrote and directed his first short film, L’usuraio in 2015. He is a co-founder of the cinema production company Robin Studio, with which he shoots video clips and spots. His second work A Believer was selected in 2018 at numerous festivals and received many accolades.

Filmography: L?usuraio (2015, sm), Lacrimosa (2015, sm), A Believer (2018, sm), Inside (2019, sm), Il vate (2020, sm).