LE MAGNETOPHONE/THE MAGNETOPHONE (France/Italy, 2021, 68′, doc)

Thursday 29th september at 21.00, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Noémi Aubry
Script: Noémi Aubry
Photography: Noémi Aubry, Uber Mancin
Editing: Noémi Aubry
Music: Anouck Mangeat

In 1952, Angelo, the director’s grandfather, emigrated to France for work. The next year his wife and daughter joined him. Through a tape found in a tape recorder, containing messages in Italian recorded by those people and full of stories, songs and news, the movie recomposes the memory of a family, the story of three women and ghosts between Italy and France.

Noémi Aubry graduated in Visual Anthropology; subsequently she founded the Ozho Naayé, la Revue Femmes Photographes production company and she is a member of the L’abominable film laboratory. Her documentaries And We Will Throw the Sea Behind You and Baska bird ag, another mountain have been presented in several film festivals around the world.

Filmography: La machine d’enregistrement (2013, doc, sf), And We Will Throw the Sea Behind You (2015, doc), Baska bird ag, another (2017, doc), Une saison sans Guy (2018, doc, sf), Le magnetophone (2021, doc)