LES EXEMPLAIRES (France, 2020, 15′)

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Director: Guillaume Créton
Screenplay: Guillaume Créton e Leopold Wu
Photography: Yann Guillaume
Editing: Yann Bonneau
Scenography: Anne Galera
Music: Matthieu Coscarella
Cast: Frédéric Kneip, Michael Assié, Céline Perra, Christophe Morillon-Herrnberger, Philippe Caulier, Auriane Wallabregue, Margherita Oscuro, Francis Bonnelle
Producer: Marie-Eve Roca

A teacher commits suicide a few weeks prior the final exams and his colleagues call for a strike. An emergency meeting between the Minister of Education and the teachers, who accuse the Ministry of having a direct responsibility for this tragedy, is organized afterwards.

Guillaume Créton (1996) graduated from the Bordeaux 3iS School of Cinema. After debuting as an actor, he directs his first short film inspired to a news story: the suicide of Christine Renon and her goodbye note imputed her final gestrure to the working conditions she was subjected to.

Filmography: Les Exemplaires (2020, sm).