LIANA BORTOLON. DISCOVERING ART (Liana Bortolon. Alla scoperta dell’arte, Italy, 2021, 17′)

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Director: Francesca Giuffrida
Screenplay: Francesca Giuffrida
Photography: Daniele Catenazzi
Editing: Angela Anzelmo
Music: Paky di Maio
Cast: Nucci Notari, Liliana Collavo, Angiola Bortolon, Sandra Aitken, Vania Meneghetti
Producer: Francesca Giuffrida, Sandra Aitken
Production: Soroptimist Club Milano Alla Scala

Liana Bortolon, journalist and art critic, director of the weekly magazine “Grazia”, she was a refined and discreet woman who was always a step ahead in her work and life. Active between the Seventies and Nineties, she was the first to focus on female art at a time where full-time women artists were not even considered.

Francesca Giuffrida (Turin, Italy, 1991) studied acting and graduated in Film Direction at the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema in Milan with the short film Mentre dormi in 2019 and a thesis about the importance of the actor in film.

Filmography: Mentre dormi (2019, sm), Elisir d?Amore (2019), Essenziale (2019, sm), Itaca (2020, sm), Liana Bortolon. Alla scoperta dell?arte (2021, sm).