Wednesday 28th september at 19.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Francesco De Filippo, Diego Cenetiempo
Script: Francesco De Filippo
Photography: Diego Cenetiempo
Editing: Diego Cenetiempo
Music: Emiliano Gherlanz
Starring: Roberto De Carli, Andrea Svic, Massimiliano Olivetti, Furio Lupetin, Gabriele Bonato, Anica Stopar, Beatrice Coppolecchia, Alberto Humar, Pietro Spirito, Roberto Dipiazza
Production: La Cappella Underground

The transition from heavy industry to logistics managed by digital systems through the history of Ferriera, Trieste’s famous steel plant closed after 123 years of activity. Bytes, containers, white collars and silence replace fire, dust, sweat and crashes. The story of a transformation that aims at sustainability and the conversion of metallurgy into clean energy but also that of social changes linked to the effort to adapt certain contexts to new production models.

Francesco De Filippo, writer, journalist and essay author, he was born in Naples in 1960. He has lived in Trieste for ten years where he is the head of the Ansa Agency’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia branch. L’ultimo calore d’acciaio (2021) is his only feature film.

Filmography: L’ultimo calore d’acciaio (2021, doc)

Diego Cenetiempo (Trieste, Italy 1978), director, documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, since 2006 he has worked at the production company La Cappella Underground in Trieste. Diego Cenetiempo is also one of the founding partners of the Pilgrim Film production company. Many of his works have been presented at Trieste Film Festival over the years, among which the 2012 documentary Far Away Is Home. La storia di Clely.