MANCO CÁPAC ( Perù, 2020, 92′)

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Director: Henry Vallejo Torres
Screenplay: Henry Vallejo Torres, Elard Serruto Dancuart
Photography: José Vallejo Torres, Carlos Vallejo Torres, César Vallejo Torres
Editing: Carlos Vallejo Torres, José Vallejo Torres
Cast: Jesús Luque Colque, Gaby Huaywa, Mario Velásquez, Yiliana Chong, Leonardo Villa, Henry Peláez, Sol Calatayud, Julissa Paredes
Producer: Flor Vallejo Torres, Henry Vallejo Torres
Production: Pioneros Producciones

Elisban arrives in Puno searching for fortune and his friend Hermogenes, An unexpected event ruins his plans and forces him to start wandering around in search of odd jobs, food and a place to stay. But the atmosphere is hostile, not finding the hospitality that he hoped for. Thus he soon becomes one of countless ?invisible? people who roam the city among contempt and indifference.

Henry Vallejo Torres (1970) studied Communications at the Puno Highlands’ National University. Manco Cápac is his second feature film, which has been selected for numerous international festivals.

Filmography: El Misterio del Kharisiri (2004), Manco Cápac (2020).