MY SMALL BUSINESS (Mi pequeña empresa, Spain, 2021, 8′)

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Director: Celia Agüero
Screenplay: Celia Agüero
Photography: Alejandro San Emeterio
Editing: Alejandro San Emeterio, Celia Agüero
Cast: Clara Pereda, Celia Agüero
Producer: Alejandro San Emeterio, Celia Agüero
Production: Celia Agüero

Clara is sixty years old. She travels every day with her sister by train to Los Corrales de Buelna in order to take care of their parents. But her day continues when she returns home, where household chores and housekeeping, which she calls “her small business” await her.

Celia Agüero (Santander, Spain, 1997) is passionate about writing with an eye out for social issues, she graduated in Journalism at the European Atlantic University. She currently works as a collaborator at EFE Agency?s Cantabria office while continuing to make audiovisual projects.

Filmography: ­Mi pequeña empresa (2021, sm).