OFFICE (Francia, 2021, 9′)

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Director: Marine Pichon
Screenplay: Marine Pichon
Photography: Paul Chapel
Editing: Marine Pichon
Scenography: Alexis Néret
Music: Johany Berland
Cast: Géraldine Baroni, Laura Mazeaud
Producer: Marine Pichon
Production: Ellaya Company

At the offices of a start-up that aims to be creative, employees repeat their daily activities in a methodical, robotic way. Completely overwhelmed by the excessive workload, two employees decide to break with this bureaucratic decorum by dancing.

Marine Pichon movie and art director, motion designer and freelance project manager who has honed her skills working on various campaigns with several agencies and production companies, as well as making creative visuals in the events field for many French and European Tours.

Filmography: Le langage des mots (2016, sm), Kimono (2019, sm), Explore your creativity (2019, sm), Office (2021, sm).