ROOTS  (Radici, Italy, 2020, 15′)

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Director: Duccio Brunetti
Screenplay: Jacopo Fioretti Raponi, Duccio Brunetti
Photography: Beppe Pezzullo
Editing: Emaki srl
Music: Alessandro Elisei
Producer: Ilaria Apericida
Production: Adèspota Films

An interview, the possibility to exorcise ghosts from the past, present and future. A dreamlike reading of the Italian world of work that paints in the darkness of a theater, the faces and fears of the generations that follow each other over the years.

Duccio Brunetti (Spoleto, Italy, 1991) attended the European Film College, a school of cinema and visual arts in Denmark. He has worked as an assistant director for movie productions such as Ben Hur and Zoolander 2. He has directed short films, video clips, documentaries and video art pieces. He won the Nastro Azzurro Video Talent Award at the Milan Festival in 2016 with Triart and the Edison for Nature Award with his documentary Gocce di energia.

Filmography: Oro splendente – Ritorno in Cambogia (2010, doc), Le vere false teste di Modigliani (2011, doc, tv), Fabrizio Misce Caselli (2012, doc), Il segreto degli alberi (2012), Twins (2018, doc), Lune (2018, doc), Radici (2020, sm), La prima onda. Milano al tempo del Covid-19 (2020, sm).