SIRENS (United States/Lebanon, 2022, 78′, doc)

Saturday 1st october at 21.00, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Rita Baghdadi
Photography: Rita Baghdadi
Editing: Grace Zahrah
Music: Para One
Producer: Rita Baghdadi, Camilla Hall
Production: Animal Pictures, Endless Eye Production, Lady & Bird Films

In collaboration with Seeyousound International Music Film Festival.

Slave to Sirens is the first all-female Lebanese and Middle Eastern Trash Death Metal band. It is composed by five young women, including co-founders Shery Beshara and Lilas Mayassi. They live in Beirut and want to make a profession out of their passion. In this movie by Rita Baghdadi, their work, love and personal experiences intertwine in addition to the desire to emerge in the complex Lebanese society.

Rita Baghdadi (Washington, United States, 1985) is a Moroccan-American documentary filmmaker whose movies have been presented in numerous festivals and supported by HBO and Netflix. Covering various roles, she has worked in many documentaries such as quali City Rising (2017), winner of three Emmy Awards, and My Country No More. An activist for women’s rights, Rita Maghdadi is the co-founder of the production company Endless Eye. Sirens, presented in several festivals like Sundance, is her latest documentary.

Filmography: Moms (2014, sf), Not So Namaste (2014, doc, sf), Use of Force (2015, doc, sf), Saving the Bolsa Chica Watelands (2016, doc, sf), City Rising (2018, doc, mini serie), My Country No More (2018, doc), Sirens (2022, doc)