THE JOB (Poland, 2022, 10′)

Saturday 1st october at 17.00, Cinema Massimo, Screen 3

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Director: Magdalena Kazmierska
Script: Magdalena Kazmierska
Photography: Pietro Andreini
Editing: Lidia Matuszak
Music: Pawel Pelczynski, Niels Dalgaard
Starring: Lidia Dragone, Philipp Droste, Michal Kazmierski
Producer: Magdalena Kazmierska

A young woman finds herself in an unpleasant situations during a job interview. She is not the only one to have a difficult encounter…

Magdalena Kazmierska (Poznan, Poland, 2001) is a writer currently studying screenwriting at the MET Film School in Berlin. Besides the feature film The Thief and her recent short The Job (2022), Magdalena Kazmierska has directed various spots and commercials.

Filmography: The Thief (2019), The Job (2022, sf)