WE’RE HIRING (J’embauche, France, 2021, 3′)

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Director: Anaïs Peleyrol
Screenplay: Anaïs Peleyrol
Photography: Eric Barzman
Music: Louis-Marie Girard
Cast: Nico Ravel, Tristan Tenardier

During an interview for the hiring of a new HR manager, a business manager challenges a candidate by asking him a series of politically incorrect questions.

Anaïs Peleyrol (1992) studied Cinema at the 3iS International Institute and founded a production society to make her short movies. She also studied acting at the Artifex workshop in Paris and with Method Acting Center?s Sonia Becker.

Filmography: Le chant des cigales (2014, sm), Je suis un pépin (2016, sm), Scarti (2020, sm), J’embauche (2021, sm).