WOODGIRL – A DUET FOR A DREAM (Iran/Repubblica Ceca, 2021, 75′)

Friday 30th september at 21.00, Cinema Greenwich Village, Screen 2

Director: Azadeh Bizargiti
Script: Azadeh Bizargiti
Photography: Reza Teimoori
Editing: Farid Daghagheleh
Music: Amir Molookpoor
Starring: Nome Leila Avakh, Sedigheh Momennia
Producer: Kaveh Farnam
Production: Media Nest

Leila and Sedigheh work as carpenters and plan to open a workshop where they can teach the profession to women and where they can employ only female colleagues. The difficulties and obstacles they will have to overcome in the struggle to pursue their dreams in a deeply patriarchal society are many, but the two women are determined to make their way in a professional environment that is traditionally an exclusive prerogative of men.

Azadeh Bizargiti (Rasht, Iran, 1979) is an Iranian director and producer. A multifaceted artist, Azadeh Bizargiti, besides directing some documentaries, is also dedicated to research and essays. The main theme of all her works is the achievement of equal opportunities. Woodgirl ? A Duet for a Dream (2021) is her latest feature film.

Filmography: An Angel Over My Right Shoulder (20011, doc), The Scent of Lemon at Dawn (2014, doc), Hidden Half (2016, doc), Waterfolk (2019, doc), Woodgirl ? A Duet for a Dream (2021, doc)