ZHENG (Italy, 2020, 25′)

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Director: Giacomo Sebastiani
Screenplay: Giacomo Sebastiani, Alejandro de la Fuente
Photography: Giorgio Giannoccaro
Editing: Enrico Giovannone
Scenography: Marta Giacheddu
Music: Matteo Valeri, Giovanni Corona
Cast: Zheng Naiqiao, Xu Chuantao, Bian Minhao, Wang Juan, Chen Yurong
Producer: Alejandro de la Fuente
Production: Atacama film, Malfé film, Ouvert

Zheng is a lonely young Chinese man who has lived in Italy since he was a child. Despite leaving a factory job in order to make a position for himself, he doesn?t feel completely fulfilled. Torn between the rigor that work imposes on him and the desire to get in touch with his peers, Zheng is called upon to make a choice.

Giacomo Sebastiani (Teramo, Italy, 1984) graduated in Sociology at the Sapienza University, he worked as a researcher and has directed several short films, amongst them Behind the Mirror, selected by numerous international festivals like the 63rd Sydney Film Festival.

Filmography: Behind the Mirror (2015, sm), Zheng (2020, sm).