DEMÉNOI / TIED (Greece, 2019, 53′)

Saturday September 30th, 3.30 pm, Polo del ‘900, Via del Carmine, 14

Event in collaboration with the National Cinematographic Archive of the Resistance and the Franco Antonicelli Cultural Union

Job Film Days presents the film Demenoid (Tied) (Greece, 2019), by the Greek director Tassos Morfis, winner of the 2021 of the second edition of Job Film Days. The film, which represents one of the most critical periods in the contemporary history of Greece, is part of the Sea Review organized by the Polo del ‘900 and coordinated by the Franco Antonicelli Cultural Union: the sea as a transit space, attempted or successful, of bodies and goods, and of work on ships and in ports. The sea as a starting point for research and cultural production.

Paola Olivetti (National Film Archive of the Resistance) presents the film.


Director, story: Tassos Morfis
Photography: Yannis Drakoulidis
Editing: Gerasimos Domenikos
Music: Giannis Papaioannou
Production: AthensLive, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Fosphotos

Athens, 2015. Greece is close to bankruptcy. One of the country’s largest shipping companies, the Lesvos Shipping Company, is in financial collapse. 320 naval workers, without pay for months, go on strike against it. Seven months of strenuous struggle – from the port to the prime minister’s office – during the most critical and dark period in the history of modern Hellenic society are told with great pace and tension. The story of a struggle for the recognition of one’s rights that continues.

Tassos Morfis (Greece) works as a reporter becoming a technology entrepreneur and documentary producer. He collaborates with broadcasters such as Channel 4 and CNN International and is a consultant for the Council of Europe and the World Association of News Publisher’s Global Advisory. For the local and foreign press he covers the Greek crisis. In 2016 he co-founded the independent company AthensLive. Tied is his debut in cinema with which he won the second edition of Job Film Days in 2021.

Filmography: Deménoi (doc., 2019).