The Work of Women

Once again this year, Job Film Days dedicates a section to women’s work, a current and necessary topic. Although the role of women is nowadays recognized as a cornerstone for sustainable development, there are still evident inequalities. For decades now we the fight against the penalization of women in the job market rages on, for a different work dignity for women, for an equality that respects diversity, but this goal still seems very far away: according to the 2020 gender gap report, it will take at least another hundred years to close the current gender gap. That is providing that people commit themselves to achieving this goal.

Through four films – which will be screened at the Greenwich Cinema at 21.00 – this section aims to show a composite and multifaceted human and working reality, one that represents different countries and ways of conceiving work. On one hand, there’s a message of hope: some movies reflect on women’s work fulfillment, even within a system that hinders them and makes their careers and the pursuit of their dreams even more difficult. On the other hand, the pitfalls of a working world that is defined by patriarchal hierarchies, not only in the countries where status of women is more precarious and where they are oppressed.