INNESTI (Grafts / Italy, 2022, 80′)

Tuesday September 26th, 9.00 p.m., Cinema Italia – Vercelli

Event in collaboration with the Bottega Miller Association and Raccolti Festival

On Tuesday 26 September at 9.00 pm at the Cinema Italia in Vercelli there will be a screening of Innesti, a film by Sandro Bozzolo (Italy, 2022) presented on the occasion of the “Raccolti al Cinema” review of the Raccolti festival. First collaboration with Raccolti, the event establishes the collaboration with the Bottega Miller Association and is part of the off events of Job Film Days. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Sandro Bozzolo. Enrica Viola (producer of the film) also participates.

Access method: free entry.


Director: Sandro Bozzolo
Subject and screenplay: Sandro Bozzolo, Enrica Viola, Francesca Arossa
Photography: Sandro Bozzolo, Luciano Federici
Editing: Marco Lo Baido
Production: UNA Film

In the South of the Piedmont Region, the filmmaker retraces his personal relationship with his father Ettore, an ex motorway toll collector and chestnut grower. He was capable of being moved by the immensity of the forest, where he reclaims abandoned chestnut groves. The images testify twenty years of life, obstacles and awareness-raising. The graft is the main thread, the agricultural practice whereby an existing tree is improved through new sap. The graft is also generational, of a valley as well as a community.

Sandro Bozzolo (Italy, 1986) studied Communications and Urban Documentary in Italy, Lithuania and Colombia. He made short films and documentaries, including the self-produced Ilmurran – Maasai in the Alps. In 2015 he created a project for multimedia journalistic research Agritools (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Journalism Center in sub saharan Africa). Since 2021, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vilnius. He is the author of these books: Un sindaco fuori dal comune – Storia di Antanas Mockus, supercittadino di Bogotà (2012) and A raccontar la luce (2017).

Filmography: Autunno Viola (co-regia di Maria Cecilia Reyes, doc., 2011), Amazonia 2.0 (mm, doc., 2012), Aigua, eua, oiva, aqua – Le voci del Tanaro (co-regia di Alessandro Ingaria, doc, 2012), Illmuran – Maasai in the Alps (mm, doc., 2015), Makhno (cm, doc., 2017), Nijole (doc., 2018), 7 lune e un palmo di neve (doc., 2020), Siamo qui da vent?anni (mm, doc., 2020), Innesti (doc., 2022).