THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO MAUREEN K. (La syndicaliste / France, 2022, 122′)

Tuesday 19 September 19th, 9.15 p.m., Cinema Centrale Arthouse, Via Carlo Alberto, 27

Preview in collaboration with I Wonder Pictures

On Tuesday 19 September at 9.15pm at the Cinema Centrale Arthouse, in collaboration with I Wonder Pictures – the film’s Italian distributor – the preview of Job Film Days will be held with the screening of the film The Truth According to Maureen K., by Jean-Paul Salomé (France , 2022). The film tells the story of Maureen Kearney, a trade unionist for the CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour), who is attacked and humiliated in her home and who, completely shocked, has no memory of the attack. Maureen, played by a great Isabelle Huppert, is treated as a liar and visionary, and will have to do everything to prove her truth.


Director: Jean-Paul Salomé
Screenplay: Jean-Paul Salomé, Fadette Drouard, Caroline Michel-Aguirre
Photography: Julien Hirsch
Editing: Valérie Deseine, Aïn Varet
Music: Bruno Coulais
Actors: Isabelle Huppert, Grégory Gadebois, François-Xavier Demaison, Pierre Deladonchamps, Alexandra Maria Lara, Marina Foïs, Yvan Attal
Production: Le Bureau
Distribution: I Wonder Pictures

Being the leading trade union member of a multinational company opens the door to the highest levels of industry and politics. But when one tries to obstruct the interests of the powerful, the backlash can be brutal, especially if you are a woman in a world dominated by men. This is the true story of Maureen Kearney, attacked and humiliated in her own home. First she is heard and protected, then she becomes the prime suspect. Unbelieved, vilified, treated as a liar and a visionary, Maureen will have to do anything to prove her truth.

Jean-Paul Salomé (Paris, France, 1960) studied cinema at the Sorbonne Nouvelle before directing two short films. After an initial experience in fiction for television with Crimes et jardins, he debuted in feature film in 1994 with Les Braqueuses, interpreted by Annie Girardot. Since 2001 he has been dedicated to high-budget films, the first of which, Belfagor – The Ghost of the Louvre, is a reinterpretation of the myth of the famous ghost of the Parisian museum. To investigate this mystery, the director called Sophie Marceau, whom he directed again seven years later as a resistance fighter in Female Agents. Between these two films, Salomé created Arsenio Lupin, a modern version of the adventures of the gentleman thief. In 2010, Salomé directed his first film in English, The Chameleon, based on the true story of an impostor. With Playing Dead, slapstick comedy inspired by Blake Edwards films, he received various nominations to Magritte Awards. Salomé often adapted books for the big screen, as with the cases of La Daronne and La Syndacaliste both with Isabelle Huppert as a protagonist. Passing from one genre to the other with virtuosity, his films always express a great sense of the cinematographic and popular narration.

Filmography: L’heure d’aimer (1983, cm doc), La petite commission (1984, cm doc), Crimes et jardins (1991, film per la televisione), Les braqueuses (1994), Regards d’enfance (1994, serie tv, un episodio), La vérité est un vilain défaut (1997, film per la televisione), Restons groupés (1998), Belfagor – Il fantasma del Louvre (2001), Bonne nuit (2003, cm), Arsenio Lupin (2004), Female Agents (2008), The Chameleon (2010), Io faccio il morto (2013), La padrina – Parigi ha una nuova regina (2020), La verità secondo Maureen K. (2022).